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Flagpole Manufacturer — Wholesale Opportunities

Attention Resellers!  Partner with Acme/Lingo, the world’s premier Flagpole Manufacturer, to provide your customers with the highest quality flagpoles available.  We are the flagpole manufacturer of choice for resellers worldwide.

Let’s be honest —it’s expensive to host an extensive inventory of stock.  Smart resellers worldwide use Acme/Lingo as their own private “working warehouse.”  As the worldwide flagpole manufacturer of choice, Acme/Lingo boasts a large warehouse fully stocked with an enormous selection of flagpoles.  Whether you’re looking for an aluminum or a stainless steel flagpole, whether you want an automatic motorized flagpole or a standard flagpole, we warehouse a wide range of pole lengths with the most popular features and options available.  All in-stock flagpoles will be shipped to you next-day.

When you sell an Acme/Lingo flagpole to your customer, you can be proud of the product you represent.

Made in America

Flagpoles, winches, halyards, mounts, footings, and lighting all manufactured in the United States.

Quality Materials

The highest quality raw materials create a finished product that exceeds all inspection standards.

Engineering Superiority

Our quality product designs are guaranteed to meet or exceed current NAAMM specifications.

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