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Flagpole Manufacturer vs Flagpole Dealer

Learn the difference between a flagpole manufacturer and a flagpole dealer so that you can differentiate between the two, and build a relationship with the business that will best serve your needs.

Flagpole Manufacturer

Has control over the entire process in the creation of a flagpole — from design to manufacture to shipping.  A full-service flagpole manufacturer provides architectural designs, engineering support, and drafting support.  A flagpole manufacturer provides fabrication options that include choices in materials, finishes, and detailing.  A flagpole manufacturer has a warehouse that stocks a large inventory of standard commercial and residential flagpoles

Flagpole Dealer

Provides local installation and ongoing service to maintain your flagpole.  A flagpole dealer may also carry inventory of flags and banners, but will not stock the actual flagpoles themselves.

For architects or contractors looking to partner with a true flagpole manufacturer that can work with you hand-in-hand to manufacture the right flagpole for your particular location and needs, Acme/Lingo should be your flagpole manufacturer of choice.

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