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Acme/Lingo, the world’s premier Flagpole Manufacturer for over 125 years, has created this informational site for Architects, Contractors, Resellers, and Homeowners looking to understand how the finest flagpoles in the world are manufactured.  Surf this site to learn everything you ever wanted to know about flagpole manufacturing, and use our exclusive software tool to design a flagpole that meets all the specs of your current project.  With just a few clicks, you can generate engineer-sealed drawings and get a quote to produce and ship your custom-manufactured flagpole.

Made in America

Flagpoles, winches, halyards, mounts, footings, and lighting all manufactured in the United States.

Quality Materials

The highest quality raw materials create a finished product that exceeds all inspection standards.

Large Quick-Ship Inventory

We warehouse an enormous selection of flagpole finishes, features, and options, all available to be shipped next day.

Engineering Superiority

Our quality flagpole designs are guaranteed to meet or exceed current NAAMM specifications.

Worldwide Presence
Our flagpoles can be found in all 50 states, all US territories, and in over 60 countries.

Partner with the top flagpole manufacturer for your next project.

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    Time Frame

    We guarantee your Acme/Lingo flagpole will be standing tall for generations to come.
    Anatomy of a Flagpole

    From finial to footing, Acme/Lingo Flagpole Manufacturer works to assemble the highest quality components and materials into a finished product that meets your custom specifications.

    A Flagpole Manufacturer

    Controls the entire process in the creation of a flagpole — from design to manufacture to shipping. A full-service flagpole manufacturer provides architectural designs, engineering and drafting support.

    Flagpole Wholesaling

    Attention Resellers! As the world’s premier Flagpole Manufacturer, we are the flagpole manufacturer of choice for resellers worldwide. Use Acme/Lingo as your own private “working warehouse.”