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Architects’ Guide from the Flagpole Manufacturer

Anatomy of a Flagpole

From finial to footing, Acme/Lingo Flagpole Manufacturer works to assemble the highest quality components and materials into a finished product that meets your custom specifications. Let’s start at the top and work our way down to learn about all the parts and pieces that go into manufacturing a superior flagpole.


The decorative object on top of the flagpole.

As the premier flagpole manufacturer, Acme/Lingo offers a wide selection of finial options:

  • Aluminum ball (a gold anodized finish is standard on aluminum balls)
  • Gold leafed copper ball
  • Stainless steel ball
  • Aluminum eagle
  • Aluminum botonee cross
Truck Assemblies

The fixed or revolving cast aluminum unit on top of flagpole that houses the pulley for the halyard.

As the premier flagpole manufacturer, Acme/Lingo uses stainless steel washers and ball bearings in all standard double sheave trucks to minimize wear and maximize useful life.  No other flagpole manufacturer offers this as their standard.  All external halyard poles larger than 4” diameter come standard with a double sheave revolving truck for a more symmetrical and architecturally pleasing appearance when compared with the industry standard single sheave version.


The rope or cable used to raise and lower the flag.

As the premier flagpole manufacturer, polyester rope is standard on all Acme/Lingo external halyard and rope internal halyard flagpoles.  Polyester has superior strength and minimal stretch when compared with the industry standard polypropylene.

Pole Shaft

The tapered flagpole shaft.

As the premier flagpole manufacturer, Acme/Lingo flagpoles are made from aluminum, steel or stainless steel.  Aluminum flagpoles are made from 6063-T6 aluminum tubing.   Steel flagpoles are made from A595 A, A572, A53, or A106 alloys, and stainless steel can be either #304 or #316 alloy.  A wide variety of finishes are available.  Flagpoles can be fabricated in multiple sections for easier shipping.  Field joints in multiple section poles made from aluminum and steel require NO field welding.

Halyard Attachments

The cleat, winch or jamb cleat used to secure the halyard when the flag is raised.

As the premier flagpole manufacturer, Acme/Lingo uses a jamb cleat with specially fabricated mounting frame for rope internal halyard flagpoles, allowing for single-handed operation.  Posi Lok winches are standard on all cable internal halyard flagpoles.  All internal access doors are flush to the pole surface and have a welded, heat-treated reinforcement.

Flash Collars

The collar that is placed at the bottom of the flagpole to cover the foundation sleeve.

As the premier flagpole manufacturer, Acme/Lingo flash collars are generally spun aluminum or stainless steel, but can be fabricated steel as well.

Foundation Sleeve

This is the corrugated metal foundation sleeve that is set in concrete to secure the flagpole in the ground.

As the premier flagpole manufacturer, an Acme/Lingo flagpole is inserted in the sleeve and plumbed using hardwood wedges and compacted sand.  Special sleeves can be fabricated to meet requirements of unusual soil conditions.