1865 Route 206 | Southampton, NJ
Acme/Ling Flagpole Manufacturer Portfolio

Here is just a sampling of notable Acme/Lingo flagpole installations worldwide. As the global Flagpole Manufacturer of choice, our flagpoles set the standard for pride and inspiration wherever they are found.

Acme/Lingo, the world’s premier Flagpole Manufacturer, proudly flies flags at these and many other locations around the world:

  • Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA
  • Vietnam War Memorial, Washington, DC
  • The White House, Washington, DC
  • US Missile Proving Grounds, White Sands, NM
  • The William J. Clinton Library, Little Rock, AR
  • Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA
  • Mission BBQ Restaurants, Nationwide
  • Bass Pro Shops, Nationwide
  • Goya Foods, Brookshire, TX
  • The Ronald Reagan Library, Simi Valley, CA
  • Hershey Foods, Hershey, PA
  • PGA National Golf Club, Palm Beach, FL
  • US Coast Guard Base, New Orleans, LA
  • Ljes Field, terceira Island, Azores
  • Home Depot Stores, Nationwide
  • USAF Memorial, Arlington, VA
  • World Trade Center Transportation Hub, New York, NY
  • Diamondview Tower, San Diego, CA
  • Pentagon Building, Arlington, VA
  • The Hoover Dam, NV
  • The Arizona Memorial, Honolulu, HI
  • Detroit Tigers Stadium, Detroit, MI
  • National Wildlife Refuge, Cold Bay, AK
  • International Airport Terminal, Managua, Nicaragua
  • Ramon Magsaysay Memorial, Manila, Philippines
  • Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Union Station, Cincinnati, OH